3 dog breeds responsible for 70 percent of bites

Residents of Illinois may be interested in a new study looking into which dog breeds are responsible for the most bites. The study published by Merritt Clifton found that 70 percent of dog bites came from three dog breeds and their mixes. The dog breeds that have been found to bite the most are Rottweilers, Presa Canarios and Pit Bulls.

According to the Center for Disease Control, dog bite injuries affect 4.5 million people each year. Out of this number, an average of 31 individuals who are attacked by dogs succumb to their injuries. Although two other dog breeds have been found to have a propensity to bite people, Pit Bulls tend to get the most attention. One expert remarked that people focus on the breed due to its stature and ability to cause severe injury or death.

Defenders of Pit Bulls argue that it is not the dog itself that is to blame for the number of bites. Because Pit Bulls are reportedly a very loyal breed, some say that the owners are to blame for training and encouraging their dogs to fight. If a dog receives positive attention for fighting from its owner, it may continue this behavior to enact approval.

Although people may disagree on the root cause of a dog’s aggression, the dog owner is generally the one who is legally responsible for their animal’s behavior. If an aggressive dog bites someone, the victim of the dog bite may choose to file a claim against the owner. Under severe circumstances, an injured individual may want to enlist the aid of a personal injury attorney.

Source: Turnto10.com, “Which Breed of Dog is Responsible for the Majority of Dog Bites?”, Danielle Avitable , July 09, 2014

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