Illinois dog found to be vicious following attack

In the state of Illinois, there is frequent confusion over how to deal with damages from a dog attack. Many claims are covered in a dog owner’s insurance policy, but it is common that injuries occurring from a dog bite take place outside the individual’s home.

In a recent case in Bettendorf, Illinois, a dog was declared vicious following an incident on the 3200 block of Westmar. Police had been informed that a group of dogs had been running off-leash in the area.

A woman was reportedly walking in the area when some dogs got loose from a residence, and one of them attacked her. When she saw the dogs running free, she became frightened and allegedly started running away from them. This incited the dogs to chase her and one dog, a red lab mix, caught up with her and bit her on the leg and ankle.

The woman was taken to the hospital, and the dog was banned from the city.

Police have identified the owner of the dogs. According to their report, the dog owner had eight dogs in her home. Two of the dogs belonged to her mother, but she was the owner of the other six. The woman was slapped with multiple charges, including disorderly conduct, having a vicious animal and interfering with official acts.

While the dog has been reportedly found to be current on its vaccinations, it has been determined the dog was vicious and must be removed from the city. The rest of the dogs were impounded.

According to police reports, the dog owner will be required to obtain dog licenses for the other dogs in her possession. She will also have to produce veterinarian records that provide proof that the dogs are current in their shots or the animals will not be returned to her.

In the event a person suffers a dog attack, it is imperative to seek input on how to handle a claim against the owner of the dog. If you have been bitten by a dog, it is in your best interest to get help from a person who can provide advice on how to handle an attack or injury. A experienced Illinois personal injury attorney can provide vital information that will cover how to obtain compensation for medical bills, scars, lost wages or other damages resulting from an animal attack.

Source: KWQC News, “Another Dog Declared Vicious In Bettendorf After Attack On Woman” Marcia Lense, Apr. 18, 2014

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