Cook County suit over dog attack claims

Multiple defendants have been sued in connection with an alleged dog attack in Illinois. The woman bringing the action claims that as she attempted to deliver a package on June 11, 2013, she was bitten while being attacked by a dog owned by the defendants. Her suit was filed with the Cook County Circuit Court on June 12, 2014.

According to the woman’s claims, the attack resulted in her suffering serious injury. Additionally, accusations are made of negligent animal care by the defendants, a potential violation of the Illinois Animal Control Act. Damages sought in the action exceed $30,000, and the woman is also seeking compensation for her costs in connection with the case.

Current reports are based on a civil suit filed by the woman. However, information provided does not indicate whether this event occurred in connection with the woman’s possible employment as a mail carrier or deliverer for another company. If such an incident occurred in the context of work responsibilities, the woman may have been eligible for worker compensation to address medical expenses incurred because of a dog bite. Compensation for additional pain, suffering and loss not covered by work-related benefits might be sought through civil action in such an instance. A private citizen making a delivery would not be covered by worker’s compensation in such an event, and civil action might be warranted for addressing costs related to the incident.

A lawyer assisting a client who has experienced personal injury because of an animal attack may collect medical records, work attendance information and other details related to losses experienced because of the incident. Additionally, a lawyer may attempt to find witnesses who can corroborate concerns over the care and behavior of the animal in question.

Source: The Cook County Record, “Delivery woman lodges suit over alleged dog attack“, Matt Russell, June 20, 2014

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