Pit bulls thought to be responsible for many dog attacks

Many Illinois residents have probably heard about the potential dangers of owning or even simply being around pit bulls. When in the wrong hands, this breed of dog is known to be involved in numerous dog bite incidents across the nation. What many people may not realize is just how damaging these dog attacks can be. Common injuries can include skull fractures, hip fractures and severe scarring.

The main issue lies in the history of the breed. These dogs are popular “resident dogs,” or dogs that are attached to chains and kept isolated from humans. When selling addictive drugs became a popular way for gangs to make money, pit bulls became the go-to breed due to their tough and intimidating look. Additionally, people began to breed dogs with aggressive genes in order to use them in dog fights.

Between 2005 and 2013, reports show that 176 people were killed by pit bulls in the United States. In fact, pit bulls accounted for 62 percent of dog-bite fatalities during those same years. However, this data may be skewed due to the fact that any dog whose breed cannot be identified is often labeled a pit bull. Regardless, the prevalence of dog attacks that have been caused by pit bulls has led to many states looking to introduce legislation that would require owners to keep their pets muzzled and leashed whenever they were outside.

While dog bites can cause serious injury to adults, dog bites involving children can cause even more serious injuries that may require multiple surgeries and prolonged treatment. If a child is bitten by a dog, an attorney may help the family file a lawsuit against the dog’s owner in order to seek compensation for the injuries and emotional trauma.

Source: Pennlive, “Pit bull attacks leave lasting wounds, devastate families“, Eric Veronikis, July 07, 2014

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