2 pit bulls attack an Illinois senior citizen and kill her dog

According to recent media reports, an 83-year-old Illinois woman and her small dog were attacked by two dogs believed to be pit bulls. The woman was returning home from a walk when the incident occurred. She suffered a bite to her hand, and her dog was killed.

The woman’s neighbor came over to assist with warding the dogs off after he heard the woman’s cry for help. He reportedly used a shovel to fend off the dogs. Two others who were painting a nearby house also made an effort to protect the woman and her dog. The woman received stitches to her hand, and her dog that had been her companion for almost 8 years died.

Reports did not mention what provoked the dogs to attack. Afterwards, both pit bulls were taken by the DuPage County Animal Care and Control. Sources indicate that this was not the first time the two pit bulls attack another dog. A neighbor stated that her small dog was also killed by the two pit bulls in December 2013. Police say that possible charges may be filed against the dogs’ owner and that they are reviewing the history of both the owner and the pit bulls.

People who suffered dog bite injuries may choose to seek legal counsel from a personal injury attorney. In some cases, a dog bite could lead to scarring or disfigurement, and filing a claim against the pet owner could possibly result in preventing future attacks. A victim may receive restitution that accounts for their medical treatment expenses.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Pit Bulls Attack 83-Year-old Woman, Kill Dog In West Chicago“, Suzanne Le Mignot, June 25, 2014

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