Vicious dog hearing mandated in Illinois

A pit bull that was undergoing treatment at a Tinley Park, Illinois, animal hospital is currently being held by the county awaiting a “vicious dog hearing.” Employees at the veterinary hospital said the dog had bitten two veterinarian techs in a violent and gory incident, leaving blood spatters on the floors and walls of the clinic. One technician treating the animal had been bitten in the face, and another suffered bits on her arms.

In a county meeting following the attack, an administrative official concluded that while the owner had not permitted the dog to roam free, she would be ticketed $250 for the bites.

The ruling official stated that the animal was clearly a danger to the community.

Both the foster mother and father had testified the dog was even-tempered with no history of aggression. He was in the clinic to get stitches removed and to investigate the possibility of an infection.

The dog is currently being held by the county, where the foster owners have been permitted visits. Reportedly, the animal is popular at the facility, and the techs frequently play with him.

The foster father to the dog has called upon the Cook County Circuit Court as well as the Tinley Park Police Department to let the animal come home.

A legal representative for the couple would not comment after the administrative hearing but repeated the animal had always exhibited good behavior.

Any animal attack can be traumatic. People who suffer them are frequently animal lovers, and this intensifies the act of aggression. In addition to emotional factors, victims of a dog attack can suffer severe physical injuries and require extensive medical care. In any case involving an animal attack, it is crucial to determine if there is a liability for financial damages. In cases such as these, victims require the special understanding and care of an efficient team of legal advisors, who can advise you of your rights on an animal injury claim.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Pit bull owner fined over vet attack” Gregory Pratt, Apr. 04, 2014

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