Child mauled by pack of dogs, suffers extensive injuries

Pets may be part of our families, but some animals are just plain violent. Dog attacks are widespread, not just in the state of Illinois, but in all states. While certain breeds have been targeted, no animal attack should be taken lightly. Animals attack other animals and humans.

Just two states away, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, a 6-year-old boy was released from a children’s hospital following extensive treatment after being attacked by a pack of dogs.

Investigators claim a police dashboard camera shows not only the attack, but also the brave officer and neighbors who stopped and tried to help.

Reportedly, there were 10 dogs that were living in a house with a couple and several children. The little boy lived in the neighborhood and frequently played outside one of the homes where the dogs lived. A neighbor claims she heard screaming and when she looked outside, she saw the awful sight of the boy being mauled by several dogs. They had torn off his coat, and he was bleeding from multiple bites and lacerations. The adults were nowhere in sight.

When the neighbor attempted to intervene, the dogs bit her ankles, and she also required hospital attention. A mailman grabbed the screaming child and carried him into the house. He was also attacked around his feet. Animal Control arrived, and the dogs ran back into the house. Officers claimed the house had dog filth everywhere and was extremely unsanitary. A condemned sign was placed outside. Protective Child Services removed three of the children and placed them elsewhere.

Police contacted the attorney general’s office to determine what charges to file against the owners of the dog. According to law, even though eight of the dogs were taken away by animal control, no citations could be filed since the dogs were not running wild.

The little boy underwent extensive surgery to attempt to repair open wounds on his face and body, and he needed a reconstruction of his ear.

Any dog attack involves a thorough investigation of the facts and extensive knowledge on the laws protecting victims of such attacks. These laws also speak to owner responsibility for any injuries suffered. Anyone in the state of Illinois who has experienced an attack by a vicious dog should seek legal assistance from someone who can help protect his or her rights.

Source: The Observer Reporter, “Donora boy, 6, recovering after being mauled by dogs” Scott Beveridge, Mar. 27, 2014

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