Spotting a drunk driver on the streets of Chicago

The streets of Chicago can be a dangerous place, for various reasons. One of those reasons is one that will be around for as long as people continue to make bad decisions. That reason is drunk driving. Drunk driving takes the lives of thousands of people across the country each year and Chicago is not exempt from these tragic accidents. Here’s how you can spot a drunk driver on the streets of Chicago.

A driver near you who constantly speeds up or slows down for no reason could very well be driving under the influence of alcohol. This is a common sign of drunk driving because the driver has no control over their body or critical thinking anymore. This leads them to routinely speed up or slow down because they begin to second guess what is happening around them.

Other signs of potential drunk drivers in Chicago include the following:

– Weaving across multiple lanes of traffic

– Nearly colliding with a curb, other vehicle or other stationary object

– Swerving

– Tailgating

– Driving at night without headlights activated

– Making abrupt or illegal turns

– Driving on the wrong side of the road

– Erratic braking or stopping without reason

– Driving on any area not designated for motor vehicles

Another common sign of drunk driving in Chicago is when the driver is slow to respond to traffic signals or signs. For example, a potentially drunk driver might take too long to operate their vehicle when a traffic light turns from red to green. Or, they take too long to stop their vehicle when a light turns from yellow to red. They also might come to a stop at a stop sign and then never resume driving.

Drunk driving is a problem in Chicago and every other small town and large city across the country. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to answer questions you have about your case and explain how you can obtain compensation for your injuries.

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