New technology can predict accidents, and the proof is on video

Car accidents are often impossible for drivers to predict. They happen so quickly for reasons that are entirely out of the drivers’ hands.

However, technology has been getting better and better at predicting crashes in the seconds before they occur, and it’s working to keep people safe. One crash that was caught on video illustrates this perfectly.

In the video, the driver is in a Tesla, which has both crash-prediction systems and automatic braking systems. The prediction system is known as a Forward Collision Warning system.

The Tesla is following a line of other cars on a multilane highway, all moving in the same direction. Before any visible change occurs through the front windshield, there’s a sudden beep from that Forward Collision Warning system. The emergency brakes then turn on faster than the driver can push them.

A split second later, the car right ahead of the Tesla slams into the back of the SUV two cars in front. Debris flies everywhere, one of the vehicles flips over and traffic comes to a stop.

Watching the video, people have said that the way the system keeps the Tesla from crashing is impressive, but what they really can’t believe is that it isn’t reacting to the car right in front of the Tesla. The emergency systems kick in before the crash. It’s reacting to the vehicle that is two cars up, about to be rear-ended.

Though the video is astounding, it really does a good job of showing the suddenness of a crash. The driver has almost no time to react, and the car ahead of him has even less. In the span of a second, traffic goes from moving smoothly to a dead stop, with one car flipped over in the road.

People often trust their driving ability to keep them out of accidents, but this shows that it’s not always enough. If another driver causes a crash that you can’t avoid, and you’re hurt as a result, you may need to seek financial compensation. Be sure you know your rights.

Source: Mashable, “Watch a Tesla predict a car crash 2 vehicles ahead,” Brian Koerber, accessed Aug. 24, 2017

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