6 types of workplace hazards to look for in Chicago

Going off to work in the morning should not be risky for those who are not first responders, military personnel or those who don’t work in inherently dangerous positions. But, some workers can suffer injuries and illnesses at work due to the carelessness of their employer. There are six types of workplace hazards everyone should look for in Chicago.

Work organization hazards are those that cause stress and strain on workers. Stress is short-term, while strain is long-term. These hazards include workplace violence, the demands of the workplace, lack of respect for employees, lack of flexibility, sexual harassment, pace of the workplace and much more.

Chemical hazards occur when a worker is exposed to any chemical preparation while at work. This includes chemicals in liquid, solid or gas forms.

Ergonomic hazards are those that affect the body in a negative way because of the method in which the employee works. The strain on the body can be caused by lifting items, improperly adjusted chairs, vibrations, poor posture and more.

Physical hazards are defined as any hazard in the workplace that can cause harm to an employee’s body without that person actually touching the item. These hazards include exposure to the sun, radiation, exposure to constant loud noises and extreme temperatures.

Biological hazards are those hazards that expose an employee to disease or harm when working with plants, animals, other people and any other infectious material. Workplaces where these hazards are present include nursing homes, kennels, schools and more. Exposure to blood, fungi, mold, plants, insect bites, animal droppings and more can be a hazard.

Safety hazards are defined as conditions that can lead to illness, injury or death in the workplace. These are caused by spills, equipment, broken tools, glass, electricity, confined spaces and more.

When it comes down to protecting yourself from hazards in the workplace, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can shed light on the laws in place employers must follow in Chicago.

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