Safe driving in Chicago: Myth vs. fact

It is safe to assume that motor vehicle accidents plague most all Chicago residents. Even if no accident has yet occurred, it has become a constant worry for nearly all conscientious drivers. No one wants to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, but despite caution and good driving habits, these accidents still occur.

Just about everyone understands that some of the most common reasons car accidents occur include DUI, distractions, reckless driving and many others. Perhaps it is time to take a good look at some of the “safe driving” habits people engage in behind the wheel. Are these habits really safe, or are they just myths that have stood the test of time?

Myth: Car doors should be unlocked while driving in case occupants need to be rescued.

Fact: Unlocked doors can increase your likelihood of being ejected from your vehicle if an accident occurs.

Myth: Your hands should always be placed 10 and 2 o’clock on the steering wheel while driving.

Fact: This may have been true once, but most modern cars now come equipped with airbags. Keeping your hands at this position could increase your risk of injury if the airbag deploys. Now experts advise keeping your hands at the 9 and 3 o’clock position.

Myth: Passengers riding in the backseat do not need to wear seat belts.

Fact: Everyone in the automobile should always wear a seat belt. If a motor vehicle accident occurs, passengers in the back are just as much at risk of injury as those who are riding in the front seat.

You cannot control the driving habits of others, but perhaps the information above will keep you safer if a motor vehicle accident does occur. If you have already been injured in an accident, you could find compensation for your injuries by working within the legal system.

Source: DefensiveDriving.com, “Bad Advice: 5 Safe Driving Myths Debunked,” accessed Feb. 07, 2017

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