Chicago careers that could threaten your spine health

When you stop to think about it, the human body is both strong and fragile at the same time. Humans have accomplished some incredible things by strengthening and conditioning their bodies. However, it only takes a single event to destroy an otherwise strong body. The spine is one area of the body that is susceptible to life-changing injuries.

It is true that anyone can suffer a spine injury, but those working in certain jobs may be more at risk. Chicago is home to many jobs that could threaten spine health. While workers’ compensation is invaluable to financial stability during recovery, it is also wise to know which careers could result in poor spine health. This ensures that you are informed about the risks associated with your chosen career.

The sections below provide three examples of high-risk jobs available in Chicago.

The construction industry tops the list with over 30 percent of workers missing time on the job due to back and neck strain or sprain. Further, the construction industry puts workers at risk of falling and suffering serious or life-threatening spine injuries.

Second place on the list involves careers in the nursing home industry. Staff members in these facilities must often physically maneuver or move patients. Reportedly, this accounts for almost 80 percent of shoulder and back injuries.

Coming in at third place is the warehouse industry. Spine and back injuries are common because workers must often lift, carry, bend or engage in other awkward motions. These workers can also suffer spine injuries by operating industrial machinery that vibrates, which can result in back pain, missed work and lost wages.

You should always remember that workers’ compensation is available by law if you have suffered back injuries on the job. If you need help with your claim, a Chicago-based workers’ compensation lawyer can help ensure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

Source: Spine Universe, “High-risk Jobs: Is Your Job Putting Your Spine at Risk?,” Susan Spinasanta, accessed March 27, 2017

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