5 points to know about semitruck crashes

Semitruck crashes can lead to life-altering or even fatal injuries. In the time following a semitruck crash, you will likely need medical care. You may not be able to work. This can lead to you being unable to pay your bills and might send you in a downward financial spiral. Semitruck crashes can have many causes, including the following:

#1: Distraction is a big issue

Truck driver distraction is a big problem. Truck drivers need to give driving duties their full attention. Failing to do so can lead to serious crashes. Federal regulations forbid some truck driver distractions, including texting and using a handheld phone. These aren’t the only distractions truck drivers should avoid. They also need to avoid reaching for items in the cab, eating, checking paperwork and other similar activities.

#2: Fatigue is another problem

Truck drivers must be able to make split-second decisions when they drive. Fatigue can reduce the truck driver’s ability to make these decisions. Fatigue isn’t only the result of not sleeping. It might also be due to medical conditions, driving on roads that are unfamiliar, driving too many hours, conditions in the cab and a host of other causes. Truck drivers who show signs of fatigue, including zoning out or nodding off, should get off the road.

#3: Company regulations can lead to crashes

Company regulations might contribute to semitruck crashes. For example, tight deadlines, penalties for late deliveries and lax standards can all cause truck drivers to drive in an unsafe manner. Truck drivers might drive too fast for the current conditions or ignore the Hours of Service regulations governing how many hours they can drive or work in a shift.

#4: Equipment failure can occur

Equipment failure, including defective components, can lead to accidents. A semitruck moves the length of a football field in 4.6 seconds when it is moving at a speed of 55 miles per hour. Without brakes that function properly, the truck is essentially a deadly, speeding weapon. Think about the devastation that could occur if a semitruck was moving at that speed and the brakes failed as the big rig was approaching rush hour on the Dan Ryan.

#5: Compensation is possible

Victims of semitruck crashes can opt to seek compensation for the crash if the crash was due to the negligence or recklessness of the truck driver or another liable party. You can seek compensation for medical bills and any other financial effects related to the injuries from the accident.

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