2-year-old uses cellphone to save mother’s life after dog bite

Usually when you read or hear about a dog bite story (or, really, any story involving an animal attack), the results are pretty grim. The tale rarely has a happy ending, and that is because serious dog attacks can cause very serious or fatal injuries to the victims. However, a recent dog bite story reveals that even events that are normally unfortunate can restore your faith in humanity.

A woman who was walking one of her dogs was bit after a foster dog that she was caring for began fighting with her other dog. She attempted to break the two animals up, but she suffered a severe injury on her hand. Apparently one of her fingers was nearly bitten off.

As she struggled to call 911 in her home, she started to feel light headed. It was looking like she wouldn’t get through to emergency responders and that this story would end tragically. Right then, her 2-year-old son used her mom’s cell phone to call a family friend, who, after hearing the woman’s screams for help, immediately called 911. The woman survived the dog bite. And that was not a misprint — the young boy successfully called for help at the age of 2!

Though this is an uplifting story, let’s not forget the seriousness of a dog attack. Dog bites can tear and rip a person’s limbs in catastrophic ways. Even if they survive, they may be permanently hampered or scarred by the incident. If the bite occurred because of a negligent owner, then a civil lawsuit could be in order.

Source: ABC News, “Toddler’s FaceTime Saves Mom After Dog Bite,” Ben Candea, March 9, 2014

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