When to Hire a Workman’s Comp Lawyer

The workman’s compensation system was supposed to be designed for workers to easily receive assistance for any injuries they get on the job. But, it’s not always as straightforward as it should be, and in those cases, you are likely to need the assistance of one of the many workman’s comp lawyers in Chicago. But, when exactly do you need to hire a lawyer?

Cases Where a Lawyer Isn’t Likely Necessary

There are some cases where workman’s comp lawyers in Chicago are not going to be necessary for your situation. If your injury is clearly work-related, then the insurance company is likely to pay out quickly and not cause a fuss so that you won’t need a lawyer. If your injury does not require extensive medical treatment, or if it doesn’t take you away from your work more than a couple of days, then you aren’t likely to be eligible for workman’s compensation. As well, if your injury does not result in permanent disability, then you likely won’t need a lawyer assisting in your case.

Cases Where You Should Hire a Workman’s Comp Lawyer

Hiring workman’s comp lawyers in Chicago is highly suggested if there is any dispute with the insurance company when you file a claim. If you need to gather evidence, expert testimony, independent medical examination, or if you are in another situation where legal knowledge and skill is required, then you should consider hiring a workman’s comp lawyer.

Denied Claim

If your workman’s comp claim has been denied, there may be a variety of reasons, from the paperwork being too late to the determination that the injury was not job-related. These denials can be appealed through the worker’s compensation system, which will likely require you to hire workman’s comp lawyers in Chicago to help build a case for you for the hearing.

Pre-Existing Condition

Pre-existing conditions in the same body part that you injured at work can result in quick denial of your claim—and a struggle to get workman’s compensation. It can be especially tricky if your injury developed slowly over time, such as repetitive stress injuries; these are harder to prove were caused by your job. You’ll need a workman’s comp lawyer in Chicago to help you.

Your Ability to Work has Been Affected Permanently

If the injury you have sustained is going to permanently leave you unable to perform your current job, thus requiring a change of career, then you can hire the help of workman’s comp lawyers in Chicago to maximize your worker’s comp benefits and help secure training for a new line of work.

Unable to Receive the Treatment You Need

Sometimes, insurance companies will deny or delay approving expensive medical treatments, but with the help of workman’s comp lawyers in Chicago, you will be able to pressure them into speeding up the approval process to get your surgery faster and speed up recovery time.

Permanent Disability Rating Issues

Most of the worker’s comp settlements and awards are related to permanent disability benefits, but insurance companies may dispute the permanent disability rating you have been given by your doctor, affecting the number of benefits you will receive. If disputed, the insurance company may require you to get an independent medical examination with a doctor they choose, and often, that doctor will assign you a lower rating than your own doctor. Hiring workman’s comp lawyers in Chicago will ensure that you get a fair settlement and the appropriate rating from a judge.

Workman’s Comp Lawyer: Worth the Cost

Since workman’s comp lawyers often work on a contingency basis, taking a percentage of the awarded settlement they help you receive, it’s going to be worth their assistance to get the fair compensation benefits you require.

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