What kind of traumatic brain injury did you suffer from?

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most common injuries that happen as a result of a car accident. When a collision occurs, the gravitational forces cause the head to jerk and possibly make violent contact with the interior of a vehicle. Even if the head doesn’t hit against something directly, the quick stopping motion of a crash can cause the brain to bang against the inside walls of the skull.

Traumatic brain injuries can leave lasting and permanent damage to cognitive function, balance, memory and motor skills. They can even leave people fully or partially paralyzed, or in the worst of cases, brain dead.

What kinds of traumatic brain injury exist?

There are four main kinds of brain injuries. They are:

— Concussions: These are the most prevalent traumatic brain injuries. They result from impact trauma absorbed by the head. It can happen as a result of whiplash, trauma, falling, shaking, getting shot, or getting punched or kicked. Concussions can involve a loss of consciousness, dizziness, confusion and a foggy mind. In the severest of concussion cases, victims can suffer from permanent brain damage.

— Contusions: These happen after direct impact trauma absorbed by the head, just like concussions. The difference is that a contusion results in brain bleeding. They may have to be removed surgically for patients to recover because blood clots associated with contusions can kill.

— Diffuse Axonal Injuries: These happen after instances of severe rotational forces or shaking being applied to the brain. It involves the tearing of brain structures and the skull may tear at the brain’s sides. Severe injuries of this nature can cause coma, permanent brain damage and death.

— Penetration Injuries: These happen when an actual object pierces the skull and disrupts the brain tissue. These injuries can vary widely in severity. The most severe can result in permanent brain damage or death.

Did a negligent or unlawful party cause your traumatic brain injury?

When a negligent or unlawful party causes a Chicago resident to suffer a traumatic brain injury, that party could be liable for financial damages associated with the injury. Those damages could include the cost of medical care, lost income, costs associated with permanent disability, pain and suffering, attorneys fees, court costs and more.

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