Justice takes time in medical malpractice suits

Medical malpractice injuries and deaths are particularly hurtful to the victims and their loved ones. It is difficult to understand how the very people we trust to heal us could actually harm or kill us with their negligence, but it is a grim reality for thousands of individuals.

When it comes to medical malpractice, there’s good news and difficult news. The good news is that those who suffer harm at the (gloved) hands of medical providers have legal options available to pursue compensation for these injuries. In fact, depending on the nature of the loss, the compensation for such a medical care error is often quite substantial.

The difficult part is that these kinds of suits are not quick, simple processes. Even in cases where a medical care provider clearly caused injury or death, the checks and balances within the medical community and the legal system that handles these cases are not negotiable. A medical malpractice suit may hold a substantial payday, but it can take months or even years to reach a resolution.

In many cases, the plaintiffs may end up reaching middle ground, settling “in court” rather than out of it. This was recently the experience of the family of a woman who died tragically.

Know what to expect with a medical malpractice suit

A family pursuing a medical malpractice wrongful death suit recently fought for five years to receive justice. Ultimately, the family prevailed and settled with the medical center and physicians they claimed were responsible for the woman’s death, but the settlement was not strictly “out-of-court.”

Rather, the judge hearing the case approved the terms of the settlement, allowing the defendants to agree to owing the survivors of the woman $3.5 million. According to the suit, the family alleged that the physicians and medical center held responsibility for their loved one’s death due to a heart condition that went undiagnosed.

Despite the fact that the woman came to the care facility experiencing classic symptoms of a heart attack, the doctor who attended to her cancelled tests that had already been ordered to determine her condition, and never rescheduled them.

The woman returned to emergency care several days later with shortness of breath, but the attending physician in the emergency room diagnosed her with pneumonia. Mere hours after being admitted for emergency care, the woman was dead, and an autopsy confirmed the family’s suspicions — a significant heart attack that apparently lasted for days.

Prepare fully for the battle ahead

This is a classic example of medical malpractice, and it is no great surprise that it led to a successful medical malpractice lawsuit. Still, like almost all medical malpractice suits, serving appropriate justice in this case still took five years.

If you believe that you have a compelling medical malpractice claim, be sure to consult with an experienced malpractice attorney who understands the nuances of the process and can effectively prepare you for the difficult road lying between you and true justice.

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