Maximizing your work injury benefits with a third-party claim

Many members of the Chicago workforce place their lives or their health in jeopardy every day while on the job. Workplace accidents plague nearly all industries across the United States despite advancements in safety technology and awareness over the decades. Still, we all need jobs and many of the most dangerous jobs are also the most lucrative.

Construction work is a great example. These jobs allow workers to earn a decent living and to provide for their families. Yet, it is one of the most dangerous jobs in the state. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the construction industry experiences more fatal injuries than any other industry in the nation.

In our discussion about third-party claims and workers compensation, we will use the construction industry as an example, but first we will explain what a third-party claim is. Suppose you are a construction worker and a scaffold you are using comes apart. You fall 30 feet and break your legs. Obviously, you more than qualify to file a workers’ compensation claim, but let’s take a deeper look at the accident.

Let’s assume you were using the equipment correctly and following all safety standards. Why did the scaffold come apart and how does it relate to your injury? Suppose that the design or the manufacture of the scaffold was faulty.

If you and your lawyer can show that the scaffold collapse caused or contributed to your workplace injuries, then you have excellent grounds to initiate a third-party claim. Further, a third-party claim does not cancel out your workers’ compensation, meaning you have a great chance of acquiring the maximum recompense that you deserve for your injuries.

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