Woman suing for unsafe asphalt that led to injuries

A woman is suing multiple entities due to injuries she claims she suffered from unsafe asphalt in Chicago. The lawsuit names three defendants, one of them a paving company. The lawsuit was filed on May 2 in Cook County Circuit Court alleging that the defendants failed to keep their property reasonably safe for visitors.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit claims that she suffered injuries when she tripped on the premises owned by the defendants named. The plaintiff is holding the defendants legally responsible for her injuries because she claims that they failed to warn her of an elevation at the edge of asphalt that is next to the grass. The plaintiff said she tripped over the elevation and suffered injuries from doing so.

The lawsuit is asking for a trial by jury as well as judgment against all three defendants in an amount that is greater than the limits of the court where the lawsuit was filed. It was not immediately known what the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries were from the reported accident.

Premises liability is a hot topic for property owners. Property owners are legally required to provide visitors to their property with reasonable care and safety. They are also required to provide warnings to visitors if there are known hazards on the property that could potentially cause harm to them. When property owners fail to warn visitors about hazards, they can be held liable for any injuries or damages suffered by a visitor.

Premises liability issues can arise when the property owner knows about a hazard that is unlikely to be discovered by the visitor to the property without advanced warning. These rules typically do not apply to trespassers, who are people not invited to be on a property. Children who trespass are typically covered by these rules because they are typically too young to understand that hazards could be present.

Injuries suffered at an unsafe property are common. Premises liability is a tricky situation that can be adequately explained by personal injury attorneys in Chicago.

Source: Cook County Record, “Woman claims she suffered injuries after tripping over unsafe asphalt,” Louie Torres, May 19, 2017

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