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Chicago Truck Accident Attorneys For Victims Of Truck Injuries

Truck Accident Lawyer - Chicago, IL

If you were involved in a crash in Illinois that involved a large truck — and quite possibly other vehicles as well — it might have been the scariest moment of your life. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers want to make the aftermath as easy to manage as possible and help you get the compensation for your injuries that you need and deserve.

Having an experienced truck accident attorney in Chicago can help you with the claims process is essential if a semi-truck, delivery van or other large vehicle caused the accident in which you were injured. Trucking companies, delivery services and other commercial driving companies maintain large insurance policies, which means that they do have the resources to pay accident victims for their losses. But insurance companies will put up every available defense to avoid paying out for claims.

Especially if multiple vehicles were involved in your crash, you need a truck accident attorney who can make sure your claim receives the attention it deserves. Call TODAY for a free case evaluation with attorney John S. Eliasik.

We Know How Insurance Companies Operate. We Understand How To Succeed In Your Claim.

Our firm’s founder, attorney John S. Eliasik, understands how insurance companies work because he used to work for one. Successfully obtaining compensation following a crash comes down to the evidence presented to insurers, and he knows how to position our firm’s clients for a successful outcome when a truck accident lawyer is needed.

We make sure our clients have a complete medical record. By receiving thorough medical evaluations and treatments, insurers will have irrefutable evidence of how accidents affect our clients physically and mentally. We also know how to obtain other evidence, including maintenance logs, driver records and data recorders that can show negligence on the part of the truck company or operator, and make the difference between an approved and denied claim.

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