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In Illinois, governmental entities such as city and county governments, public authorities and schools have limited immunity from lawsuits alleging negligence on the part of public employees. The key word in that sentence is “limited”. In certain circumstances, it is possible to sue a governmental unit seeking justice and compensation.

Such cases can involve complex issues of fact and law, and there are strict time limits for filing a claim. There may be one or more private parties who bear some responsibility. The government or private party may contest the facts and dispute the liability. For these reasons, you need experienced lawyers on your side, if you have suffered harm due to the negligence of a municipal, county, or state governmental entity.

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At The Law Offices of John S. Eliasik in Chicago, we have more than 17 years of experience representing injured people and the families of fatal accident victims. As attorneys with a record of success in premises liability cases, we have the investigative resources and advocacy skills to get results in such cases.

Our firm provides results-oriented representation in accident claims against all types of governmental units, including:

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In Illinois, a person who has suffered harm due to the negligence of a governmental entity has one year in which to file notice of a claim. A year may seem like a long time, but you need to take action as soon as possible. Evidence documenting the negligence must be gathered and a great deal of work must be done to build a winning case.

In the meantime, evidence can disappear and memories can fade. The longer you wait to talk with a lawyer, the more challenging it becomes to win a municipal liability case. Talk to our lawyers. In a free consultation, we can review your case and explain how we can help you.

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