Premises liability claims against the government

You already know that accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. You may also know that property owners can be held liable for any injuries you may suffer on their premises due to negligence. However, filing a premises liability claim for injuries suffered on federal or state property is a bit more complex.

Up until 1946 when Congress passed the Federal Tort Claims Act, those who suffered injuries negligently on federal property could do nothing to find relief. Until the FTCA, federal government offices and organizations enjoyed immunity from tort claims. The Act gave American citizens the power to seek compensation from federal entities for personal injury caused by the negligence of a government employee.

Those injured on the premises of an Illinois state government entity may also seek relief. As you might expect, both state and federal level premises liability claims can be quite complicated. To emerge successfully from the experience, you will benefit from attorney assistance.

For best results, look for a premises liability lawyer prepared to advocate on your behalf throughout the entire process. It is also wise to choose an attorney with experience handling premises liability cases and with a good history of investigating government property accidents.

As attorneys serving residents of Chicago, we have assisted many injury victims seeking compensation from government entities. Anytime an injury occurs because of another party’s negligence, we believe no one should be immune from making recompense. Continue learning more about Chicago-based premises liability by studying our website. You may also reach out to our staff if you have specific questions or concerns about government property accidents and injuries.

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