Motor vehicle accidents caused by negligence

A motor vehicle accident can happen for any number of reasons, but negligence nearly always plays a role. It could be negligence on the part of the other driver, negligence on the part of the auto manufacturer or even negligence on the part of a city like Chicago. Since most of these accidents occur because the other driver was negligent in some way, this blog post will focus on driver negligence.

What is negligence in motor vehicle accidents? Generally, it is when a driver does not act in a reasonable manner while driving. Another way to think of negligence is to ask yourself if a reasonable person would have acted in such a manner when operating a motor vehicle.

Obvious examples of negligence behind the wheel include driving while intoxicated or texting and driving. Either one of these behaviors can have a negative effect on safety conditions for all who share the road.

Drivers can also act negligently in seemingly minor ways while driving. Even though they may seem harmless, these “small” acts of negligence can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Examples of these negligent behaviors include:

— Speeding or driving too fast under the posted speed limit

— Ignoring traffic, weather or road conditions that might affect driving

— Making turns without signaling other drivers

— Ignoring posted traffic signals or signs

The laws and general rules of the road exist to keep all Illinois residents safe from harm. When a person breaks these laws, causing harm to others, victims can find a remedy through the legal system. A personal injury lawyer can help car accident victims find out how they can pursue compensation for their injuries.

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