How aware is the city about dangerous rental properties?

If you live in Chicago, you already know that it is a large, busy city. As you might expect, city officials have their hands full with a wide array of problems that come with running a city. While it is probably challenging to address all of the issues Chicago experiences, you can be assured that the City is aware of dangerous residential properties.

In fact, the City of Chicago maintains a list of “problem building owners” database on its website. There, you can find many details about property owners as well as their buildings. The website also provides information about the penalties it imposes upon problem building owners. Some of these penalties include:

— Denial of business licenses

— Denial of building permits unless they address existing problems

— Denial of financial assistance

— Denial of attempts to acquire city land

In the most severe cases — those that have already been found liable — these property owners could lose their properties to forfeiture or receivership. When this happens, the property goes to a third party that is capable of providing for the “life safety and welfare” of the building’s residents.

If you are already pursuing a premises liability lawsuit against your landlord because you or a loved one has suffered negligent injuries, the database could provide additional support for your case. If you are simply looking for a new apartment, the list can tell you which residential dwellings to avoid. In all scenarios, the list is a valuable resource that not many Chicago citizens know about.

You should also remember that if you are attempting to collect documentation to corroborate a premises liability claim, an experienced attorney can provide support and assistance.

Source: City of Chicago, “Problem Building Owners,” accessed March 16, 2017

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