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Protecting yourself at work from chemical hazards

Going to work each day can be stressful. There's no reason to add to that stress when chemicals are present in the office or on your worksite. Take as many safety precautions as possible when working with or near chemicals while on the job. The safety precautions put in place by your employer should be followed in an effort to prevent any accidents.

6 types of workplace hazards to look for in Chicago

Going off to work in the morning should not be risky for those who are not first responders, military personnel or those who don't work in inherently dangerous positions. But, some workers can suffer injuries and illnesses at work due to the carelessness of their employer. There are six types of workplace hazards everyone should look for in Chicago.

Inside a Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspection

Employers are legally required to provide their employees with a safe work environment at all times. Now, there are jobs that are inherently dangerous, but these employers must still provide a reasonable means for safety. When an employee reports a hazard to the employer and it is not fixed, it can be reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for an inspection. Here's an inside look at an OSHA inspection.

How do I protect myself from unsafe working conditions?

Companies across the country are required to provide a safe work environment for their employees at all times. This is the case no matter where the work is being performed, such as in an office, in a vehicle, on a construction site or in a factory. So, how do I protect myself from unsafe working conditions?

Chicago Bulls mascot sued by courtside server

The Chicago Bulls mascot, Benny the Bull, has been sued by a courtside server after she claims she injured her shoulder when the mascot used her as a crutch. The lawsuit claims that the Bulls allow the mascot to run "out of control on the court," which caused a series of events that reportedly left her injured.

What to know if you're injured while going to or from work

Getting in an accident while you are traveling to, from or for work can prove to be a more complicated situation than you expect. Not only are you dealing with the painful injuries that can be suffered in any accidents, but you can also be confronted with what, if any, compensation is available for damages, which can also include lost wages.

Chicago careers that could threaten your spine health

When you stop to think about it, the human body is both strong and fragile at the same time. Humans have accomplished some incredible things by strengthening and conditioning their bodies. However, it only takes a single event to destroy an otherwise strong body. The spine is one area of the body that is susceptible to life-changing injuries.

Maximizing your work injury benefits with a third-party claim

Many members of the Chicago workforce place their lives or their health in jeopardy every day while on the job. Workplace accidents plague nearly all industries across the United States despite advancements in safety technology and awareness over the decades. Still, we all need jobs and many of the most dangerous jobs are also the most lucrative.

I'm a Chicago hardhat and I got hurt on the job

Let's say you're a 10-year veteran of the construction industry and you've worked at some of Chicago's biggest building projects. You knew your job was dangerous, but the pay was good, and it's all you knew how to do. Nevertheless, three months ago a piece of debris fell on you from three stories up and it's left you injured and you can't do your job anymore.

When your income is threatened by a work injury in Chicago

All of us who live and work in Chicago value our livelihoods. It is a vital part of the American dream to earn a fair wage while contributing to our city's economic structure. When a workplace injury takes any one of us away from the workforce, the repercussions trickle down in ways we do not always understand. For the victim of a work injury, these repercussions are immediate and frightfully close to home.

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