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March 2017 Archives

5 points to know about semitruck crashes

Semitruck crashes can lead to life-altering or even fatal injuries. In the time following a semitruck crash, you will likely need medical care. You may not be able to work. This can lead to you being unable to pay your bills and might send you in a downward financial spiral. Semitruck crashes can have many causes, including the following:

Chicago careers that could threaten your spine health

When you stop to think about it, the human body is both strong and fragile at the same time. Humans have accomplished some incredible things by strengthening and conditioning their bodies. However, it only takes a single event to destroy an otherwise strong body. The spine is one area of the body that is susceptible to life-changing injuries.

Driver in fatal crash had a history of negligent driving

There is no doubt that the driver in a fatal motor vehicle accident is the one responsible for killing himself and three other people in a Des Plaines motor vehicle accident. However, many are questioning whether the law enforcement system itself may share a portion of the blame.

How aware is the city about dangerous rental properties?

If you live in Chicago, you already know that it is a large, busy city. As you might expect, city officials have their hands full with a wide array of problems that come with running a city. While it is probably challenging to address all of the issues Chicago experiences, you can be assured that the City is aware of dangerous residential properties.

Illinois has a problem called wrong-way motor vehicle accidents

If you were to initiate an Internet news search for Illinois or Chicago wrong-way motor vehicle accidents, you would receive a shocking number of search results. Wrong-way crashes are considered rare on the national level, but they still happen quite often.

Rental home hazards | Premises liability for lead paint

Chicago is a bustling, contemporary city, full of all the benefits a modern world provides. Surely, lead paint in rental properties is a thing of the past, right? While it is easy to understand why people believe lead is no longer an issue, the reality of today's rental market is something else entirely.

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