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March 2014 Archives

Dog bite case on school grounds brings added complications

Another interesting story regarding the laws that apply to dog bites has occurred, but again it happened outside of Illinois. So even though the circumstances are interesting, the rulings contained within this story don't apply here. If you'll recall, we wrote about Maryland's push to hold dog owner's more accountable for their dog's actions should it buy an "innocent victim." We used that story to illustrate the importance of getting the dog owner's information as quickly as possible.

Study says owner, other factors contribute to dog aggression

Most Chicago residents probably know what to look for when it comes to an "aggressive dog." A snarling dog, a big dog, a barking dog, a lunging dog -- all of these factors, and any combination of them, can cause someone to fear the animal. It can also mean that the animal truly is an aggressive dog, one that would attack and bite an innocent bystander.

5-year-old recovering nicely after dog bites his face

After the family pit bull bit him in the face, the 5-year-old victim is coming along just fine and should be released from a hospital soon. The pit bull apparently bit the boy in the face after he scratched the animal's neck. However, no one is exactly sure what happened because the boy was the only witness to the incident.

Owner information is critical in the wake of a dog bite

While the following story does not concern the law here in Chicago or Illinois, it does illustrate a key point about dog bites in general. Maryland lawmakers are on the cusp of passing a law that would hold dog owners liable should their dog bite an "innocent victim." They also revised their definition of pits bulls as "inherently dangerous"

2-year-old uses cellphone to save mother's life after dog bite

Usually when you read or hear about a dog bite story (or, really, any story involving an animal attack), the results are pretty grim. The tale rarely has a happy ending, and that is because serious dog attacks can cause very serious or fatal injuries to the victims. However, a recent dog bite story reveals that even events that are normally unfortunate can restore your faith in humanity.

Woman sues Walmart after parking lot hole causes her fall

There have probably been times where you have walked through the parking lot of your local grocery store or supermarket and seen huge cracks in the pavement, or a pothole or some other hazard. You probably thought to yourself "yikes, glad I didn't step in that." And then you probably wondered what would actually happen if someone did, indeed, step in or on one of these hazards and fell as a result. Could they sue? Who is at fault for such an incident?

Rat-bite fever leads to boy's death, Petco sued by family

It is understandable if you were to think that a disease called "rat-bite fever" was too on-the-nose and blunt to be a real medical condition. However, it most certainly is a real condition, and a fatal one if untreated. Rat-bite fever doesn't even require that a person be bit by an infected rat. A scratch from an infected rat, merely being around the infected rat, or having the bacteria enter a person's food or water can cause rat-bite fever. It is uncommon for the disease to cause death, but it has been known to happen.

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